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theseekers_mods's Journal

The Seekers Mod Journal
6 April
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The Seekers: A Panfandom RP Set in the Shin Megami Tensei Universe
Amala. This is the name for the universe, which is vast beyond comprehension. Countless millions of worlds house countless billions of beings in a cycle of death and rebirth that has remained steady for countless trillions of eons. The center of this absolute expanse is the Sea of Binah, a nexus world wherein the goddess Ishtar reigns over a fertile land. In her continent-spanning city, humans and demons alike live their lives in peace and plenty, seeking trouble from none and offering aid to those who require it. The worn, the beaten, the downtrodden...almost all who suffer loss seek their futures in this place.


Conception. This is the name for the death of a world in preparation for its rebirth. The lifespans of the worlds themselves are but lazy eye-blinks, geologic moments of change that slowly reshape and reform the societies therein. Watching over this vast sea of life and death is its creator, the Great Will, YHVH. From the hallowed ground of Heaven, he molds the worlds, constantly seeking a recreation of that elusive Eden lost long ago. For time beyond imagining, he has reigned over Amala, a supreme arbiter who rules almost unchallenged.


The Labyrinth. This is the name for the deepest depths of Amala, a sprawling morass of passageways and false ends that lead to a once-glorious sight: the fallen angel, Lucifer. From this abode he plots and schemes, laying out an eons-spanning revenge against the oppressive God that had cast him down for the sin of promoting free will. With him are countless demons, twisted mockeries of gods and spirits who were trampled by God's march to absolute power. Mourning their lost power and their beaten followers, almost all these broken demons seek a revenge to match the injustice that was visited upon them since time immemorial.


Mu. This is the name for a world that promises nothingness, a phantom land that haunts the hidden corners of Amala. Within this world lives Lucifer's greatest triumph and failure in one body: the Demi-Fiend. Intended to rise up as a general against the Great Will's dominion, he instead chose to follow his own path, siding with his friends and refusing allegiance to both great powers. With the goddess of hope, Aradia, at the core of their new world, they plan and train, each seeking an answer to the great power struggle that rages across all worlds.

Choice. With so much at stake, champions and bystanders alike have begun to rise, each with their own answer to life's riddles, and to the whispers of war and destruction that have begun to reach all corners of the universe.


What do you seek?


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Being that we've just reopened, we'll be rebooting the comm. Things will start over from the beginning (not that we got all that far in the first place), and will ramp up when we get enough of a cast to accomodate it.

Reserves and Applications are currently open! All characters welcome.